Oleg Efrim

Oleg Efrim is one of ERA’s co-founders and Managing Partner. Oleg holds a Bachelor degree and a LL.M. from the State University of Moldova.

Oleg’s legal career began in 1997. Since Oleg has been practicing in the commercial, non-profit, and in the public sectors. As of 1997 Oleg also holds the position of Professor of Civil Law at the State University of Moldova.

Over the years, Oleg has been involved in large, high profile investment projects and successfully representing the interests of numerous national and international clients in the law courts of Republic of Moldova.

Oleg’s career in the public sector – in his capacity of Ombudsman for the Republic of Moldova, Vice Minister and then Minister of Justice – includes extensive experience in the regulatory, public procurement, and other public domain fields.

Since 2008, Oleg Efrim was nominated by Best Lawyers, Chambers & Partners, The Legal 500 and IFRL 1000.

Oleg’s areas of expertise are: investment, corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, legal due diligence, and commercial and civil litigation.

Oleg speaks Romanian, Russian, and English.

Vladislav C. Roșca
Vladislav ROSCA

Vladislav Rosca is the one of ERA’s co-founders and Partner. Vladislav holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Oradea, Romania and a LL.M. from the International Academy of Economic Law, Republic of Moldova.

Vladislav’s legal career began in 1999, having since successfully representing local and international clients in various areas of litigation. Vladislav’s far-reaching expertise has led to an impressive portfolio of complex and well-known cases.

Vladislav was nominated by the reputed Best Lawyers publication in Litigation Section in 2009 and 2010. Since then, Vladislav is present in the international specialized rankings made by prestigious publications such as Chambers & Partners, The Legal 500, IFRL 1000.

Vladislav’s areas of expertise are: corporate and commercial law, capital markets, real estate, bankruptcy, legal due diligence, commercial arbitration, commercial and civil litigation, and administrative and criminal issues.

Vladislav speaks Romanian, Russian, English, and Italian.

Marin Baltă

Marin Balta is an Associate Attorney at ERA.

Marin holds a Bachelor degree in Law and a LL.M. from the State University of Moldova. He also holds a Bachelor degree in Economic Sciences and a MA in Corporate Finance and Insurance from the State University of Moldova.

Prior to joining ERA, Marin Balta worked in the private field in economic and financial affairs. In addition, he provided legal advice and represented the interests of clients as an Attorney.

Areas of expertise are as follows: corporate and commercial law, financial and fiscal law, labor law, investment, real estate, administrative litigation, commercial and civil litigation, mediation.

Speaks Romanian, Russian and English.

Vadim Visloțchi

Vadim Visloțchi is an Associate Attorney at ERA.

Vadim graduated from the Stefan cel Mare Police Academy of the Republic of Moldova. Prior to working with ERA, he worked for ten years in the internal affairs system, gaining extensive experience in investigating and detecting crimes and misdemeanors.

Vadim’s areas of expertise are: litigation, contravention and criminal issues.

Vadim speaks Romanian and Russian.

Olesea Nastas

Olesea Nastas joined the ERA team as a trainee lawyer. After passing the qualification examination and obtaining the title of fully qualified lawyer, she became the youngest associate of the firm.

Olesea obtained a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Law at the Faculty of Law of the Moldova State University. Currently, she specializes exclusively in intellectual property law and digitalization of justice in the EU.

Olesea speaks Romanian and English.

Ina Jimbei

Ina JIMBEI is an attorney in the ERA team, has PhD and university lecturer at the Law Faculty of the Moldova State University. She is one of the well-known specialist in civil procedural law and administrative law.

Since 2019, Ina is one of the local experts working for the EBRD.

Additionally, Ina acts as a Legal adviser in the project “Advancing legal research and writing” coordinated by National Center for State Courts and funded by United State Department of State.

Ina takes a particular interest in competition law. She has trainings on European Competition Law in Germany.

Ina speaks Romanian, Russian and English.

Natalia Roșca
Natalia ROŞCA

Natalia Roşca is Lawyer at ERA. Natalia holds a Bachelor and a LL.M. from the State University of Moldova.

Prior to joining ERA, Natalia has been practicing in the public sector. During her time at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, Natalia has accrued notable experience in various aspects of public law. Natalia holds unique drafting techniques for public law documents, having been actively involved with drafting numerous normative acts of utmost national importance.

Natalia’s areas of expertise are: intellectual property, regulatory, legislative techniques, procurement, research, mediation, and public law litigation.

Natalia speaks Romanian, Russian, and French.

Gicu Bloșenco
Trainee lawyer

Gicu Bloșenco is a apprentice attorney at ERA. He obtained a law degree from the State University of Moldova, proving academic interest in the field of civil law and commercial arbitration.

Areas of specialization: corporate and commercial law, real estate, litigation and arbitration.

Foreign languages: English, Russian, French.

Maxim Macovei

Maxim is a Lawyer at ERA. Before joining ERA, Maxim assisted and consulted IT and FinTech startups in launching their products on the European and US markets. Maxim gained valuable experience during his interaction with international startups and businesses, interacting with various legal systems from all around the world, all this while developing his LegalTech startup.

Maxim has been involved in complex and high profile transactions, structured investments in the benefits of local and international companies via corporate instruments such as shareholder agreements, option clauses, convertible notes.

Maxim is specialised in civil, corporate and commercial law, IT law, mergers and acquisitions, AML, regulatory compliance.

Maxim speaks Romanian, Russian, and English.

Alexandra Zavtur
Alexandra ZAVTUR

Alexandra Zavtur graduated from the Faculty of Law, Moldova State University, English Department. Alexandra received an Erasmus+ grant that gave her the opportunity to study one academic year at the Gloucestershire University, Great Britain.

Also, Alexandra was part of the winning team of the national „Jessup Moot Court Competition”.

Alexandra`s main area of interest is competition law.

Alexandra speaks Romanian, English and Russian.

Corina OPREA

Corina Oprea is an Associate Attorney at ERA. Corina holds a Bachelor degree in Law and a LL.M. from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. Corina also holds a degree in journalism from The Advanced School of Journalism of Moldova.

Corina Oprea had worked in the private sector, in the petroleum area, as well and in the nonprofit domain, on youth policies and human rights. All at once, more than one year she was writing juridical explanatory articles for an investigative newspaper ”Ziarul de Gardă”.

Corina’s areas of expertise are: commercial and civil litigation, insolvency, corporate law, human rights, administrative issues, electoral law.

Corina speaks Romanian, Russian, English, and Spanish.